Tuesday, 9 February 2016

एकटेपण- मराठी कविता | Marathi Poem


आजची संध्याकाळ वेगळी, ना कुणी सोबतीला
मनातही विचार नाही आज खास कुठला

आजवर ना दिला, वेळ एकदाही स्वत:ला
म्हणोनीच एकट्याने वाटते गाठले स्वत:ला

असा गेला ना वेळ, कधी एकटेच बसण्यात
करू लागलो विचार, काय तथ्य एकलेपणात

राहण्यात एकटे असेल, काय वेगळी बात?
चंद्र; सूर्य ऐसेच का, विशाल नभी शोभतात

एकलीच येतात माणसे, एकलीच जातात
परी जोडीदारासवेत, सारे आयुष्य घालवतात

कशी थोर माणसे, एकलेपणास जिंकतात
उगाच काय त्यास, विचारवंत म्हणतात

म्हणोनीच काय एकटा, देव राहतो देवळात
असेल मिळत त्यास, देवपण एकलेपणात

आज मी हि बसलो, हा काय विचार करत
सुचले नेमके हेच, मला आज एकटेपणात




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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Mrs. Biswas

The One That Got Away (English)

I was at a school for a workshop, when I heard it for the first time in ages. It was barely audible above the shouting of children -- the laughter and sound bubbling from the school playground into the classroom windows. But it was there: the swish of silk saris and the jingle jangle of bangles on thin wrists like wind chimes.

This is what learning sounds like. I remember. I remember my school.

I remember when I was 10 years old, the principal of my School was Mrs. Biswas. She was the size of a nightlight, and she glided like a sailboat through the hallways of our school.

Once, when I got close enough to grab a fistful of her draping
silk sari, I tried to see whether she had any feet at all.
I thought she floated. She was magical

I was scared to be sent to her office: (all the false stories we have imagined about her cabin) we used to think she is a lion roaring in  her cabin which was all surrounded by the hanging plants like a jungle